The EU- Catalonia Dialogue Platform urges the EU to favor dialogue and a democratic solution for Catalonia after the unfair verdict

The EU- Catalonia Dialogue Platform has reacted today to the unfair verdict to Catalan political prisoners, that sentenced them to up to 13 years of imprisonment, in a press conference in Strasbourg attended by François Alfonsi, Christian Allard , Pernando Barrena, Matt Carthy, Jill Evans, and Katerina Konečná.

The MEPs agreed on:

– Claiming the amnesty for the Catalan political and social leaders who are in prison and the safe return of the exiles.

– Calling on the international community, and specially the European Union, to favour dialogue and a democratic solution based on the right to self-determination.

– And urging the Spanish authorities to sit and talk. There is an exit path from this conflict situation that goes through dialogue and a democratic solution. Courts and further repression cannot replace politics.

« We have the obligation to demand the intervention of EU institutions, as international intervention is the only way to resolve a conflict of this nature. Their silence is no longer acceptable », stated MEP Matt Carthy (GUE-NGL).

« This conflict is about democracy and fundamental rights, which should be in the essence of the European Union », added Jill Evans (Greens- EFA).