EU-Catalonia Dialogue platform is presented in the National Assembly of France

After Brussels, Barcelona and Berlin, EU-Catalonia Dialogue Platform, formed by more than forty MEPs from different groups and countries, has been presented in the National Assembly of France, in Paris. The spokesman of the platform, MEP and former Slovenian Foreign Minister Ivo Vajgl, highlighted that the meeting has been done the same day that some […]


The platform has developed a report on MEPs access to prisons across the EU

Here you can read  the report MEPs Access to Penitentiary Centres and Inmates in the European Union: country-by-country report and key indicators that the EU-Catalonia Dialogue Platform have elaborated, after the events of December 2017 when seven MEPs of the Platform were denied to access the prison in Estremera (Spain). The report basically concludes that […]

(Photo: EFE)

(Photo: EFE)


The EU-Catalonia Platform welcomes the election of a new Catalan President

The EU-Catalonia Dialogue Platform, a group of 40 MEPs from 5 different political groups, considers that the election of a new Catalan President, Quim Torra, brings a new opportunity to start dialogue between the Government of Catalonia and the Government of Spain. We welcome Mr Torra’s call for dialogue and the apparent will of President […]


Presentation of the EU – Catalonia Dialogue Platform in Barcelona

The EU – Catalonia Dialogue Platform was presented on Friday 20th April in Barcelona. Chair of the Platform Ivo Vajgl, together with MEPs Izaskun Bilbao, Eleonora Forenza, Jordi Solé, Josep-Maria Terricabras and Ramon Tremosa took part in the event. Also, Diana Riba, in representation of the former Catalan MP and MEP Raül Romeva now in […]


Manifesto for Dialogue in Catalonia

43 MEPs from 6 different Political Groups and 16 different Member States signed a “Manifesto for Dialogue in Catalonia”. They call on Spain’s judiciary to release the nine Catalan political prisoners, Germany’s judiciary not to extradite Carles Puigdemont and Belgium, UK and Switzerland not to extradite all the other Catalan politicians. The signatories also urge […]


MEP’s Jordi Solé, Ana Miranda and Bodil Valero reaffirm the objectives of the Platform in a conversation at a Catalan local radio

Three members of the EU – Catalonia Dialogue Platform -MEP’s Jordi Solé, Ana Miranda and Bodil Valero- took part in a conversation in the radio programme “Cruïlla d’Europa” at the local radio “Ràdio Mataró”. Solé condemned the authoritarian drift of the Spanish state and pointed out that the conflict between Catalonia and Spain is not […]



Ivo Vajgl calls on the EU to take action on the conflict between Catalonia and the Spanish government

Ivo Vajgl, chair of the EU – Catalonia Dialogue Platform, was interviewed in the Catalan radio RAC1. He called on the EU to take action in order to solve the conflict between Catalonia and the Spanish government. Regarding the Catalan politicians who are in jail, Vajgl states that this problem can only be solved through […]


The EU-Catalonia Dialogue Platform is presented in Barcelona

The EU-Catalonia Dialogue Platform presentation event will take place in “Ateneu Barcelonès” on Friday 20th April at 10h.  The Platform, which is formed by Members of the European Parliament from different Political Groups and EU countries, claims the release of the Catalan politicians in jail as well as urges the EU Institutions to mediate in […]