MEP’s Jordi Solé, Ana Miranda and Bodil Valero reaffirm the objectives of the Platform in a conversation at a Catalan local radio

Three members of the EU – Catalonia Dialogue Platform -MEP’s Jordi Solé, Ana Miranda and Bodil Valero- took part in a conversation in the radio programme “Cruïlla d’Europa” at the local radio “Ràdio Mataró”.

Solé condemned the authoritarian drift of the Spanish state and pointed out that the conflict between Catalonia and Spain is not an internal affair, but a matter that concerns all Europe. Therefore, he emphasizes the necessity for an EU involvement and a political solution to the conflict through dialogue.

Miranda stated that there are many voices in Europe that realize how Catalonia is being treated badly as a people. The Galician MEP also asked for the release of the Catalan politicians who are in jail.

Concerning the disproportionate actions of the Spanish State against Catalan political leaders and civil society, Valero was explicit in stating that Spain is making an utter fool of itself. Also, the Swedish MEP pointed out that mediation and equal dialogue and negotiation are necessary.